Rear a child

Use this domain for words related to rearing a child--to take care of someone while they are a child so that their needs are met and they become a good person.

OMC Codes: 
855 Child Care
860 Socialization
861 Techniques of Inculcation
862 Weaning and Food Training
863 Cleanliness Training
864 Sex Training
865 Aggression Training
866 Independence Training
867 Transmission of Cultural Norms
868 Transmission of Skills
869 Transmission of Beliefs
Louw Nida Codes: 
35F Rear, Bring Up
  • What general words refer to rearing a child?
    bring up, raise, rear, have custody, parent (v) a child, mother (v) a child, child-rearing,
  • What words refer to caring for a child's needs?
    care for, take care of,
  • What words refer to teaching and training a child?
    teach, train, upbringing,
  • What words refer to disciplining a child?
    discipline, correct
  • What words refer to rearing a child well?
    well brought up,
  • What words refer to not rearing a child well?
    neglect, abuse, spoil, deprive,
  • What words refer to rearing a child who is not your own?
    adopt, foster, guardian,
  • What words refer to taking care of a child while their parents are doing something else?
    look after, mind (a child), keep an eye on, baby-sit, sit, take care of, childcare,
  • What words refer to someone who cares for a child?
    nurse, nursemaid, guardian, nanny, babysitter, sitter, child minder,
  • What words refer to a place where children are cared for?
    nursery, crèche, childcare facility,