2.6.2 Sexual relations

Use this domain for words related to sexual relations and having sex. Be careful that your domain label does not use a taboo word.

OMC Codes: 
830 Sex
831 Sexuality
832 Sexual Stimulation
833 Sexual Intercourse
Louw Nida Codes: 
23D Sexual Relations
  • What general words refer to sexual relations?
    sex, intercourse, sexual relations, conjugal rights, marital rights, union,
  • What words refer to having sex with someone?
    have sex with, have intercourse, make love, sleep with, go to bed with, lovemaking, coition, coitus, copulation, coupling, impregnate, mate, unite,
  • What words refer to affection and sexual stimulation?
    stimulate, kiss, fondle, arousal, caress, climax, erection, eroticism, libido, mount, snog, pet, hug, embrace, cuddle, hold hands,
  • What words refer to orgasm?
    orgasm, climax, ejaculate, ejaculation, come, semen, sperm,
  • What words describe something having to do with sex?
    carnal, erotic, genital, heterosexual, phallic, sexual, sexuality, sexually, venereal,
  • What words describe someone who wants to have sex?
    amorous, aroused, in the mood, turned on,
  • What words refer to something used to increase sexual pleasure?
  • What words refer to two people who are having sex?
  • What words describe a person who has difficulty having sex?
    impotence, impotent, frigid, frigidity,
  • What words refer to being friends, but not having sex?
    platonic, be just good friends,