Old person

Use this domain for words related to old age and older persons?

OMC Codes: 
886 Senescence
887 Activities of the Aged
888 Status and Treatment of the Aged
  • What words refer to an old person?
    old man, old woman, elder, senior citizen, senior, old people, the old,
  • What words refer to becoming old?
    age (v), get old, grow old, mature, be getting on, aging, not be as young as you were,
  • What words describe an old person?
    old, elderly, aged, ancient, up in years, retired,
  • What words describe a person who looks old?
    wrinkled, wizened, gray, show your age, look your age,
  • What words refer to the time period of old age?
    old age, twilight years,
  • What words refer to being too old to do something?
    be past it, be over the hill, be a bit long in the tooth,
  • What words refer to when an old person can no longer work?
    retire, retirement, retired, retiree, pension, pensioner, old age pensioner,
  • What words refer to being old but still able to do things?
    going strong,
  • What problems do the elderly have?
    senile, senility, declining health, aging process,
  • What words refer to caring for an old person?
    elder care, retirement center, old folks home, nursing home,
  • What words describe something to do with old people?
    geriatric, senior,