2.6 Life

Use this domain for general words referring to being alive and to a person's lifetime.

OMC Codes: 
761 Life and Death
159 Life History Materials
Louw Nida Codes: 
23G Live, Die
  • What words refer to being alive?
    be alive, live, life, stay alive, be going strong,
  • What words describe someone who is alive?
    living, alive, animate (adj),
  • What words refer to the process a person goes through from birth to death?
    life, life cycle, cycle of life
  • What words refer to the time when a person is alive?
    life, lifetime, days, lifespan, life expectancy,
  • What words refer to causing someone to be alive?
    animate (v), bring to life, give life to, give breath to, breathe life into, vivify
  • What words refer to bringing a dead person back to life?
    resurrect, resurrection, resuscitate, revive, rise again, rise from the dead, regenerate, bring back to life
  • What words refer to keeping someone alive?
    keep alive, life support, preserve, sustain, subsist on,
  • What words refer to living longer than someone else?
    outlive, survive,
  • What words refer to having a particular kind of life?
    a good/bad/hard life, a life of crime/poverty, a miserable/lonely existence, lead a good/bad/hard life, live well/happily,
  • What words refer to the kind of life a person lives?
    way of life, lifestyle,
  • What words indicate that something is true of your whole life?
    all your life, for life, lifelong,