Use this domain for words referring to an adult.

OMC Codes: 
885 Adulthood
  • What words refer to an adult?
    adult, man, woman, grown-up, grown man, grown woman,
  • What words refer to time periods of adulthood?
    adulthood, maturity, prime, adult life, midlife crisis, over the hill, middle age, middle-aged
  • What words refer to becoming an adult?
    come of age, grow up, mature (v), reach majority, settle down,
  • What words refer to the time period during which a woman can become pregnant?
    childbearing years,
  • What words refer to the time when a woman can no longer become pregnant?
  • What words describe a person who has become an adult?
    full-grown, fully grown, grown, grown-up (adj), mature,
  • What words describe something that has to do with adults rather than children?
    adult (adj), grown-up (adj), mature (adj),