2.1 Body

Use this domain for general words for the whole human body, and general words for any part of the body. Use a drawing or photo to label each part. Some words may be more general than others are and include some of the other words. For instance 'head' is more general than 'face' or 'nose'. Be sure that both general and specific parts are labeled.

OMC Codes: 
140 Human Biology
141 Anthropometry
142 Descriptive Somatology
Louw Nida Codes: 
8 Body, Body Parts, and Body Products
8A Body
8B Parts of the Body
  • What words refer to the body?
  • What words refer to the shape of a person's body?
    build, figure, physique,
  • What general words refer to a part of the body?
    part of the body, body part, anatomy, appendage, member, orifice,
  • What words describe something about your body?
    physical, physically, bodily,
  • What words refer to cells?
    cell, cellular, chromosome, protoplasm,