2.6.1 Marriage

Use this domain for words related to the state of being married.

OMC Codes: 
580 Marriage
581 Basis of Marriage
582 Regulation of Marriage
583 Mode of Marriage
587 Secondary Marriages
588 Special Unions and Marriages
Irregular Unions
595 Polygamy
Louw Nida Codes: 
34J Marriage, Divorce
  • What words refer to marrying someone?
    marry, marriage, get married, tie the knot, get hitched, join together, unite, wed, marry into,
  • What words refer to the state of being married?
    married, marriage, matrimony, wedlock, hitched, bonds of marriage, married life,
  • What words refer to being married to someone?
    be married to,
  • What words refer to people who are married?
    couple, husband, wife, spouse, partner, mate, matron, matronly, consort,
  • What words are used of the relationship between a husband and wife?
    wedded bliss, care for spouse, love, marriage relationship
  • What words refer to marrying again after being widowed or divorced?
    remarry, remarriage,
  • What words refer to marrying more than one person?
    bigamy, bigamist, bigamous, concubinage, concubine, harem, polygamist, polygamous, polygamy,
  • What words refer to marrying only one person?
    monogamous, monogamy,
  • What words refer to marrying someone from another tribe or race?
    inter-racial marriage, miscegenation,
  • What words refer to living with someone without being married?
    live with, cohabit, cohabitation, common-law marriage,
  • What words refer to marrying a close relative?
    incest, intermarry,
  • What words refer to marrying your brother's widow?
    levirate marriage
  • What words describe something having to do with marriage?
    married, marital, matrimonial, conjugal, nuptial, connubial,