Romantic love

Use this domain for words related to romantic love.

  • What words refer to loving someone?
    love, be in love,
  • What words refer to starting to love someone?
    fall in love, love at first sight, be swept off your feet, be interested in, fancy,
  • What words refer loving someone very much?
    be madly in love, be head over heels in love, infatuated, have a crush on, be mad about, be crazy about, be besotted,
  • What words refer to the feeling of love?
    love, passion, romance,
  • What words describe something someone says or does when they love someone?
    passionate, romantic,
  • What words refer to someone you love?
    lovers, the one you love, the love of your life,
  • What words refer to doing something with someone you love?
    date, go out with, see someone, ask out, ask someone for a date,
  • What do people call someone that they love?
    love, dear, honey, darling, dearest, sweetheart,
  • What words refer to problems between people who love each other?
    hurt someone, break someone's heart, grow apart, break up,
  • What words refer to loving each other again after having problems?
    make up, get back together,