Attract sexually

Use this domain for words related to attracting someone sexually--to cause someone to want to have sex with you, and for words related to being sexually attracted to someone--to want to have sex with someone.

  • What words refer to attracting someone sexually?
    attract, be attractive to, appeal to, tempt, seduce, draw, lure, act sexy, excite, turn someone on, titillate, flirt, flirtatious,
  • What words refer to being sexually attracted to someone?
    be attracted to, fancy, be interested in, want, lust after, take a fancy to,
  • What words refer to wanting to have sex?
    sex drive, desire, lust (v), want someone, lustful, libido, horny, randy,
  • What words refer to the feeling of being sexually attracted?
    attraction, lust (n), passion,
  • What words describe someone who is sexually attractive?
    sexy, attractive, desirable, voluptuous, sultry, alluring, luscious, appealing, beautiful, allure, sensual, sensuous, good-looking, glamorous, seductive, handsome, tempting, irresistible, enticing,
  • What words describe something someone does to attract someone?
    sexy, provocative, seductive, suggestive, sensual, be a turn-on, erotic,
  • What words refer to a quality a person has that makes them attractive?
    looks, sex appeal, beauty, attraction, appeal, the lure of, charm, attractiveness, prettiness, sensuality,
  • What words describe someone who is not attractive?
    unattractive, be a turn-off, sexless,