Sexual immorality

Use this domain for words referring to illicit sexual relations.

OMC Codes: 
684 Sex and Marital Offenses
834 General Sex Restrictions
835 Kinship Regulation of Sex
836 Premarital Sex Relations
837 Extramarital Sex Relations
838 Homosexuality
839 Miscellaneous Sex Behavior
Louw Nida Codes: 
88J' Sexual Misbehavior
  • What general words refer to sexual immorality?
    immorality, illicit relations, sexual sin, lasciviousness, licentiousness, obscenity,
  • What words refer to someone who is sexually immoral?
    sex maniac, dirty old man, lecherous, nymphomaniac, sex fiend, libertine,
  • What words describe someone who is sexual immoral?
    bawdry, erotic, immoral, kinky, licentious, lustful, sensuous, voluptuous, indecent, obscene,
  • What words refer to sex before marriage?
    fornicate, fornication, deflower (a virgin),
  • What words refer to sexual offenses within a marriage?
  • What words refer to sex with a person you are not married to?
    commit adultery, adultery, be unfaithful, cheat on, two-time, sow wild oats, infidelity,
  • What words refer to a person who commits adultery?
    adulterer, adulteress, sexual partner, lover, mistress,
  • What words refer to tempting someone to have sex outside of marriage?
    seduce, get someone into bed, seductive, seduction, make advances, make a pass at, sexual harassment,
  • What words refer to an ongoing relationship outside of marriage?
    affair, relationship, be together, romance,
  • What words refer to a single time of adultery?
    one night stand
  • What words refer to having sex with many people?
    sleep around, promiscuous, promiscuity,
  • What words refer to a prostitute?
    prostitute, hooker, call-girl, harlot, whore, rent boy,
  • What words refer to what prostitutes do?
    prostitute (oneself), prostitution, solicit sex, sell (oneself)
  • What words refer to having sex by yourself?
    masturbate, masturbation,
  • What words describe books and movies that are about sex?
    erotic, pornographic, pornography, porn, adult, blue, dirty, steamy, raunchy, X-rated,
  • What words refer to sex between close relatives?
    have an incestuous relationship, incest
  • What words refer to forcing a woman to have sex?
    rape, rapist, force, sexually assault,
  • What words refer to sex between two people of the same sex?
    homosexual, gay, lesbian, homo, homosexuality, lesbianism, pervert, perverted, bisexual, sodomy, sexual orientation,
  • What words refer to having sex with a child?
    abuse, sexual abuse, molest, molestation, pedophile, pederast, pederasty,
  • What words refer to sex with an animal?
    bestial, bestiality