Arrange a marriage

Use this domain for all the words related to arranging a marriage. Cultures vary widely in their practices. In some cultures marriages are arranged by the parents. In other cultures a man must seek a wife for himself. Some cultures allow either practice or a combination of the two. So some of the questions below may be inappropriate to your culture.

OMC Codes: 
583 Mode of Marriage
584 Arranging a Marriage
  • What words refer to the process of arranging a marriage?
    arrange a marriage, arranged marriage, marriage negotiations, match, espousals, marry off,
  • What words refer to asking someone to marry you?
    ask someone to marry you, propose, pop the question, proposal,
  • What words refer to formally agreeing to get married?
    get engaged, engagement, set a date,
  • What words refer to an announcement of a proposed marriage?
    wedding announcement, announce your engagement, banns,
  • What words refer to the state of being engaged to be married?
    engaged, engagement, betrothed, betrothal, espoused, promised,
  • What words refer to the people who are engaged to be married?
    fiancé, fiancée, engaged couple, bride-to-be, husband-to-be,
  • What words refer to a person who helps with the negotiations?
    matchmaker, go-between
  • What words refer to a gift or payment given to your future spouse or their family?
    engagement ring, bride price, dowry
  • What words refer to a man trying to get a woman to marry him?
    court, courtship, woo, suit, suitor, date, flirt,
  • What words refer to the age at which a person can get married?
    marriageable age, coming out party, eligible, nubile,
  • What words refer to marrying secretly?