Use this domain for words related to the wedding ceremony.

OMC Codes: 
585 Nuptials
  • What words refer to a wedding ceremony?
    wedding, ceremony, service, nuptials, church wedding, civil service,
  • What words refer to getting married secretly?
    elope, elopement,
  • What are the parts of a wedding ceremony?
    procession, give (the bride) away, speech, wedding vows, pronouncement, reception, toast,
  • What words refer to the people who are getting married?
    bride, bridal, groom, bridegroom, couple, bride and groom,
  • What other people are involved in a wedding?
    best man, maid of honor, groomsman, bridesmaid, wedding party, guest
  • What words refer to performing a wedding ceremony?
    marry (the couple), perform the wedding,
  • What words refer to the person who performs a wedding ceremony?
    minister, justice of the peace,
  • What special clothes are worn at a wedding?
    wedding gown, veil
  • What things are used in a wedding?
    wedding ring, wedding cake, bride's bouquet,
  • What words refer to the time immediately after the wedding?
    honeymoon, wedding night, consummation (of the marriage),
  • What words refer to the husband and wife after the wedding?
    newlyweds, honeymooner, man and wife,
  • What words refer to the day of a wedding which is celebrated every year?
    wedding anniversary,