2.5.8 Mental illness

Use this domain for words related to being mentally ill or disabled.

OMC Codes: 
158 Personality Disorders
756 Shamans and Psychotherapists
  • What words describe someone who is mentally ill?
    mentally ill, insane, mad, crazy, disturbed, mentally disabled, crackbrained, crazed, demonized, demon possessed, feeble minded, melancholic, neurotic, obsessive, paranoid, preoccupied, psychopathic, psychotic, retarded, catatonic,
  • What words describe an old person who has become mentally ill?
    senile, confused, his mind is wandering, lose your marbles,
  • What words refer to mental illness?
    mental illness, madness, insanity, dementia, demon possession, fixation, hypochondria, lunacy, mania, melancholia, neurosis, obsession, paranoia, psychosis, schizophrenia, senility
  • What words refer to becoming mentally ill?
    have a nervous breakdown, crack up, go mad, go insane, go crazy, go senile, develop a psychosis
  • What words refer to something that causes mental illness?
    brain injury, mental trauma, shock,
  • What words refer to partial or total mental disability?
    mild retardation, severe retardation, vegetable,
  • What words refer to a mentally ill person?
    madman, crazy man, hypochondriac, idiot, lunatic, maniac, possessed man, psychopath, schizophrenic, retard,
  • What words refer to someone who cares for mentally ill people?
    psychologist, psychiatrist, exorcist,
  • What words refer to a hospital for mentally ill people?
    insane asylum,
  • What words refer to someone who is normal and not mentally ill?
    sane, sanity, of sound mind,