2.5.1 Sick

Use this domain for words describing a person who is sick.

OMC Codes: 
750 Sickness
Louw Nida Codes: 
23I Sickness, Disease, Weakness
  • What words refer to being sick?
    be sick, be ill, not be well, be in a bad way, do poorly,
  • What words refer to being sick with a disease?
    have (a disease), suffer from, be sick with, infected with, stricken with, have an attack of,
  • What words refer to being a little sick?
    off color, under the weather, run down, not feel yourself, not be yourself,
  • What words refer to being very sick?
    bedridden, decline, failing, life is ebbing, sinking (fast), seriously ill, critically ill, terminally ill, be fatal,
  • What words refer to feeling sick?
    feel ill, not feel well, feel rough, feel funny, feel sick, feel sick to your stomach, groggy, feel faint,
  • What words describe a person who is sick?
    ill, sick, unwell, infirm, look like death warmed over, unhealthy, ailing, diseased, incapacitated, indisposed, laid up,
  • What words describe someone who is often sick?
    sickly, delicate, be in poor health, be prone to, hypochondriac,
  • What words refer to becoming sick?
    get sick, become ill, fall ill, be taken ill, sicken, become sick, catch (a disease), come down with, contract,
  • What words refer to a person who is sick?
    patient, sufferer, invalid, the sick,
  • What words refer to a time when many people are sick from the same disease?
    epidemic, plague, outbreak, pestilence,