2.5.4 Disabled

Use this domain for general words for being disabled--to be injured or born with a condition, so that some part of your body does not work.

OMC Codes: 
732 Disabilities
734 Invalidism
  • What words refer to being disabled?
    be disabled, have special needs, be crippled, be lame, be paralyzed, have a withered arm
  • What words refer to disabling someone?
    disable, handicap (v), cripple, paralyze, maim, mutilate, disfigure,
  • What words refer to the condition of being disabled?
    disability, handicap (n), disfigurement, mutilation, paralysis, palsy,
  • What words refer to a disabled person?
    the disabled, people with disabilities, the handicapped, cripple (n), lame (n), paraplegic (legs only), quadriplegic (all four limbs), paralytic,
  • What words describe someone who has been disabled?
    disabled, handicapped, crippled, paralyzed, partially paralyzed, totally paralyzed, maimed, disfigured, mutilated, lame,
  • What things are used by a crippled person?
    crutch, cane, wheelchair, walker, stretcher, pallet,