Use this domain for words related to being crazy--to act stupid or strange.

  • What words describe someone who is crazy?
    crazy, mad, insane, berserk, barmy, deranged, dotty, batty, flaky,
  • What words refer to a crazy person?
    maniac, lunatic, nut, nutcase, loony, madman, madwoman, nutter, wacko, weirdo,
  • What words refer to being crazy?
    be nuts, be crackers, need your head examined, be out of your mind, be off your rocker, be stark raving mad, be out to lunch,
  • What words refer to the quality of being crazy?
  • What words refer to something someone does that is crazy?
    craziness, insanity, lunacy, madness,
  • What words describe something someone does that is crazy?
    crazy, insane, mad, screwy,
  • What words refer to beginning to feel like you are crazy?
    go crazy, go mad, go nuts, go round the bend,
  • What words refer to beginning to act crazy?
    go crazy, go berserk, go mad, go nuts,
  • What words refer to causing someone to feel or act crazy?
    drive someone crazy, drive someone nuts, drive someone mad, drive someone round the bend,