2.5.7 Treat disease

Use this domain for words related to the treatment of disease and injury.

OMC Codes: 
742 Medical Research
751 Preventive Medicine
757 Medical Therapy
758 Medical Care
  • What words refer to treating someone who is sick or injured?
    give someone treatment, treat, treatment, medical treatment, therapy, therapeutic, medical procedure, rehabilitation, medical aid, first aid, go to the aid of,
  • What words refer to taking care of someone who is sick?
    care for (a patient), nurse (a patient), nurse back to health, look after, hospice care
  • What words refer to treating a disease?
    treat a disease, arrest (the spread of a disease),
  • What words refer to a particular type of treatment?
    resuscitate, acupuncture, blood transfusion,
  • What words refer to treating a wound?
    clean/cleanse a wound, bandage, Band-Aid, compress, dress (a wound), dressing, tourniquet,
  • What words refer to treating a broken bone?
    set a bone, reduce a dislocation, cast, splint, crutches, cane, plaster, sling, brace,
  • What words refer to surgery?
    surgery, surgical, operate, operation, perform an operation, have an operation, major surgery, minor surgery, operating theater, operating table, amputate, implant, transplant, inoperable, incision, stitch, suture, sew up, scalpel,
  • What words refer to treating pain?
    alleviate, ease, anesthesia, anesthetic, general anesthesia, local anesthesia, anesthetize,
  • What words refer to things are done to treat disease?
    radiation, scan,
  • What words refer to trying to find out what is wrong with a sick person?
    diagnose, prognosis, draw/take a sample, examine a patient, take an x-ray, do a test, test for, lab report, take someone's temperature, take someone's blood pressure, take someone's pulse, check-up, take a sample, specimen,
  • What words refer to telling a sick person what to do in order to get well?
    prescribe, prescription,
  • What words refer to curing someone?
    cure, make someone better, heal, fix, healing, rehabilitate,
  • What words refer to something that cures someone?
    cure (n), remedy, antidote, curative,
  • What equipment is used to treat illness?
    stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, scalpel, catheter, forceps, needle, syringe, IV, x-ray machine, x-ray,
  • What words refer to preventing disease?
    hygiene, immunization, immunize, inoculate, inoculation, vaccinate, vaccination