Use this domain for words related to pain

Louw Nida Codes: 
24F Pain, Suffering
  • What words refer to pain?
    pain, ache, hurt (n), misery, suffering, sufferings, soreness,
  • What words refer to being in pain?
    be in pain, be in agony, feel pain, have a pain in, suffer, hurt (vi), bear pain, endure, agonize, feel bad, feel miserable, suffer,
  • What words refer to a part of your body hurting?
    hurt, ache, be agony, sting,
  • What words describe a part of your body that is in pain?
    painful, aching, sore (adj), stiff, tender,
  • What words refer to pain in a particular part of your body?
    backache, earache, headache, migraine, stomachache, toothache, labor pains, sore throat,
  • What words refer to a mild pain?
    discomfort, feel uncomfortable, mild, hurts a little bit, itch, prickle, smart, sting, stinging, tingle, tingling, stitch, twinge, dull,
  • What words refer to a bad pain?
    agony, agonize, agonizing, anguish, burn, hurts a lot, really hurts, acute, racked with pain, horrible, excruciating, torment, raw pain,
  • What words describe pain increasing?
    increase, grow, rise
  • What words describe pain decreasing?
    subside, go away, fade
  • What words refer to a pain that increases and decreases repeatedly?
    throb, throbbing,
  • What words refer to a pain that lasts a short time?
    attack, sharp, pang, piercing, prick, shooting, stab, stabbing, throes, paroxysm, wrenching pain,
  • What words refer to causing pain?
    hurt, inflict pain, torture, afflict, torment,
  • What words refer to something causing pain?
    hurt, painful, cause pain, sting, irritate,
  • What words refer to relieving pain?
    relieve, relief, soothe, treat, alleviate, painkiller, anesthetize, anesthetic,
  • What words refer to making noise because you are in pain?
    cry out, scream, howl, yell, shriek, groan, moan, weep,
  • What words refer to moving because you are in pain?
    writhe in pain, double up, contorted with pain, convulse, convulsion, cramp, cramps, wince,
  • What do you say when you are hurt?
    Ow! Ouch!
  • What words refer to not causing pain?
    not hurt, painless, not feel a thing,