Use this domain for words referring to poison--something that is bad for your body if you eat it, it gets on you, or an animal injects it into you.

  • What general words refer to poison?
    poison, toxin,
  • What types of animal poisons are there?
    snakebite, bee sting, venom
  • What types of plant poisons are there?
    poison ivy, hemlock,
  • What types of poison are eaten or drunk?
    food poisoning, arsenic, cyanide
  • What types of poison affect the skin?
    toxic substance, insecticide
  • What words describe something that is poisonous?
    harmful, poisonous, toxic, noxious,
  • What words refer to giving someone poison?
    poison (v),
  • What words refer to an animal putting poison into a person?
    bite, sting, inject,
  • What words refer to treating snakebite?
    treat for (snakebite), snakebite treatment, cut vein, suck poison out, snakebite kit
  • What words refer to treating poison that is eaten or drunk?
    antidote, administer (the antidote)