Use this domain for words related to the mouth. Do not use this domain for words referring to eating, drinking, or speaking.

Louw Nida Codes: 
23B Processes Involving the Mouth, Other Than Eating and Drinking x
  • What words refer to the mouth?
  • What are the parts of the mouth?
    lip, tongue, tooth, gum, uvula, palate, alveolar ridge, mouth cavity, roof, velum, throat,
  • What words describe a person's mouth?
    narrow, curved, thin lips, thick lips,
  • What do people do with their mouth?
    breathe, talk, eat, taste, clear your throat, suck, blow, kiss, gag,
  • What words refer to moving the mouth?
    open, close, smile, purse your lips,
  • What words refer to yawning?
    yawn, yawn (n),
  • What words refer to vomiting?
    vomit (v), vomit (n), regurgitate, disgorge, heave, retch, throw up,
  • What do people do with their tongue?
    lick, lick your lips, stick your tongue out, click your tongue, bite your tongue,
  • What do people do to their mouth?
    wipe, cover, gag someone,
  • What words describe something to do with the mouth?
    oral, orally, labial, palatal, velar,