Use this domain for words related to the ear.

  • What words refer to an ear?
  • What are the parts of the ear?
    earlobe, lobe, inner ear, eardrum, tympanum, Eustachian tube, auditory nerve, canal, cochlea,
  • What words describe a person's ears?
    stick out,
  • What do the ears do?
  • What words refer to the ears moving?
  • What do people do to their ears?
    scratch, pick (your ear), clean, cup (put hand behind to help hearing), pierce (for earrings),
  • What do people do to their ears so they won't hear something?
    plug your ears, cover your ears, stuff cotton in your ears, stick your fingers in your ears, earplugs
  • What do the ears produce?
    wax, earwax,
  • What do people use to clean their ears?
  • What words describe something to do with the ears?