2.1.4 Skin

Use this domain for words related to the skin.

  • What general words refer to the skin?
    skin, hide, dermis, epidermal, epidermis, pore
  • What words refer to thick skin?
    callus, calloused,
  • What words refer to a line in the skin?
    line, wrinkle, fold, crease,
  • What words refer to spots on a person's skin?
    spot, freckle, birthmark, wart, corn, mole, blemish, blotch, scar,
  • What words refer to small sores in the skin?
    pimple, acne, zit, whitehead, blackhead,
  • What words refer to the color of a person's skin?
    skin color, coloring, complexion, pigment,
  • What words describe the color of a person's skin?
    flesh (colored), white, black, blotchy, red, bloom, blush, fair, dark, florid, glowing, sanguine, swarthy, albino,
  • What words describe the color of a person's skin when they are sick or afraid?
    pale, anemic, ashen, bloodless, cadaverous, deathly, flushed, ghastly, lurid, pallid, pallor, pale-faced, pale as death, pale as a ghost, pasty, sallow, wan, white as a sheet, go white, turn blue,
  • What words describe the condition of a person's skin?
    skin condition, clear, oily, dry, cracked, loose, smooth, soft, rough, flake, scale, peel, scarred,
  • What words describe your skin when you have been in the sun?
    sunburn, tan, tanned, suntan, burn, blister,
  • What words refer to the small bumps on your skin when you are cold, ill, or frightened?
    goose flesh, goose pimples, goose bumps,