Use this domain for words related to the eye.

  • What words refer to an eye?
  • What are the parts of the eye?
    eyebrow, brow, eyelash, lash, eyelid, lid, pupil, cornea, iris, white, eyeball, ball of the eye, corner of the eye, tear duct, retina, eye socket,
  • What words describe a person's eyes?
    bloodshot, bleary, bleary-eyed, beady eyes, thick (eyebrows), long (eyelashes), blue-eyed, cross-eyed,
  • What do the eyes do?
    see, cry, water,
  • What words refer to the eyes moving?
    look cross-eyed, roll, flicker, raise, lower, glaze,
  • What words refer to the eyelids moving?
    blink, wink, close, open, squint, open wide (in amazement), bat (eyelids), flutter,
  • What do people do to their eyes?
    rub (your eyes), cover (your eyes)
  • What do the eyes produce?
  • What words refer to the material that collects in the corner of the eyes while sleeping?
    sleep, sand, matter
  • What words refer to the pupil of the eye getting bigger or smaller?
  • What words describe something to do with the eyes?
    optic, retinal,