2.3.2 Hear

Use this domain for words related to hearing something (in general or without conscious choice).

Louw Nida Codes: 
24B Hear
  • What words refer to hearing something?
    hear, overhear
  • What words refer to the ability to hear?
    hearing, sense of hearing,
  • What words refer to being able to hear something?
    can hear, can make out, within someone's hearing, within earshot, catch, get,
  • What words refer to not being able to hear something?
    can't hear, not catch, can't make out, out of earshot,
  • What words refer to things people use to help them hear better?
    hearing aid, bug, stethoscope
  • What words describe something that has to do with hearing?
    aural, auditory, audio, acoustic, sound (adj),