Use this domain for words related to disposing of a dead body. Different cultures have practices other than burying a body in the ground. Include words for all practices used by the culture.

OMC Codes: 
766 Special Burial Practices and Funerals
Deviant Mortuary Practices
767 Mortuary Specialists
Louw Nida Codes: 
52 Funerals and Burial
  • What words refer to burying a dead body?
    bury, burial, inter, interment, lay to rest, entomb
  • What steps are involved in preparing a body for burial?
    burial arrangements, wash (the body), wrap, anoint
  • What words refer to a person who prepares a body for burial?
    embalmer, undertaker, mortician, gravedigger, funeral director,
  • Where are bodies prepared for burial?
    morgue, mortuary, crematorium,
  • What is used to protect a body?
    grave clothes, shroud, coffin, casket, sarcophagus, urn
  • What is used to carry a body?
    pall, bier, hearse
  • What words refer to burning a body?
    cremate, cremation, pyre, ashes
  • What words refer to leaving a body outside?
    expose (a body), funeral platform, left to rot
  • What words refer to preserving a dead body?
    embalm, mummify, mummy,