Use this domain for words related to killing someone--to cause someone to die.

OMC Codes: 
762 Suicide
Louw Nida Codes: 
20D Kill
  • What general words refer to killing someone?
    kill, murder, assassinate, bump off, do away with, finish someone off, take someone's life, dispatch, dispose, finish, eliminate, liquidate, commit murder, waste, zap, slay, snuff, send to Davy Jones locker, lynch, silence, terminate,
  • What words describe the manner of killing someone?
    shoot, gun down, blow someone away, stab, stab someone to death, butcher, behead, decapitate, beat someone to death, asphyxiate, choke, garrote, strangle, suffocate, throttle, smother, stifle, crucify, drown, electrocute, hang, hanging, poison, stone, starve,
  • What words refer to the act of killing someone?
    murder (n), homicide, killing, assassination, foul play, capital crime, beheading, bloodshed, butchery, crucifixion, decapitation, electrocution, fratricide, immolation, infanticide, liquidation, manslaughter, martyrdom, matricide, patricide, regicide, shooting, slaying, strangulation, smothering, suffocation, terrorism,
  • What words refer to the government killing someone because they committed a crime?
    execute, put someone to death, sentence someone to death, capital punishment, the death penalty, capital offence, capital crime, punishable by death, execution, condemned, be on death row,
  • What words refer to killing many people?
    massacre, slaughter, exterminate, annihilate, wipe out, bloody,
  • What words refer to the killing of many people?
    massacre (n), slaughter, carnage, genocide, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, annihilation, blood-bath, extermination, holocaust, pogrom,
  • What words refer to killing yourself?
    kill yourself, commit suicide, take your own life, end it all, suicide, suicidal, be a suicide, do away with yourself,
  • What words refer to trying to kill someone?
    attempted murder, attempt on someone's life,
  • What words refer to someone who kills another person?
    murderer, killer, assassin, hitman, slayer, executioner, hangman, liquidator, murderess, slaughterer, slayer, terrorist, strangler,
  • What words describe someone who wants to kill someone?
    homicidal, murderous,
  • What words refer to the person who was killed?
    martyr, murdered man/woman, victim, fatality,
  • What words refer to a person killed in war?
    killed in action, casualty, casualty of war, civilian casualty, collateral damage,
  • What words refer to something used to kill someone?
    murder weapon,
  • What words describe something that can kill someone?
    fatal, killer, mortal, lethal, deadly, poisonous, toxic,
  • What words refer to something such as an accident or disease killing someone?
    kill, kill off, cause death, be a killer, destroy, decimate, wipe out,
  • What words refer to doing something that might result in your death?
    risk your life,
  • What words refer to doing something that results in your death?
    cost you your life,
  • What words refer to killing an animal?
    slaughter, destroy, put down, put away, put something out of it misery,