1.4 Living things

Use this domain for general words that relate to all living things.

  • What words refer to all living things, including both plants and animals?
    living things, life, all life, every living thing, everything that lives and breathes, plants and animals, organic matter
  • What words refer to something that is alive?
    living thing, life form, organism,
  • What words refer to being alive?
    be alive, live
  • What words describe something that is living?
    living, alive, animate, organic
  • What general words refer to the parts of all living things?
    tissue, cell, membrane, DNA, gene, protoplasm
  • What words refer to the study of life?
    biology, biologist, life science, ecology, ecologist, natural history, naturalist
  • What words refer to whether a plant or animal can be eaten?
    edible, inedible