1.6.5 Animal home

Use this domain for animal homes. It is necessary to think through the homes of each type of animal, especially the important ones.

OMC Codes: 
136e Homes
  • What general words refer to where an animal lives?
    habitat, the wild
  • Where do mammals live?
    den, hole, burrow, molehill
  • What other places do mammals use?
    wallow, hunting grounds, watering hole, pasture, range, trail
  • Where do birds live?
    nest, birds nest, perch, range
  • Where do snakes live?
    snake pit, den of vipers, snake hole
  • Where do fish live (other than water, lake, and ocean)?
    spawning grounds
  • Where do insects live?
    anthill, ants nest, termite mound, termite hill, hive, beehive, bee's wax, honeycomb, spider web, cocoon, trail (of ants)
  • Where do spiders live?
    spider web, cobweb
  • Where do worms live?