Animal sounds

Use this domain for the sounds animals make. It is necessary to think through the sounds each type of animal makes, especially the important ones.

OMC Codes: 
136d Sounds
  • What general words refer to the sounds of animals?
    cry, call, scream,
  • What sounds do cows make?
    moo, low, bellow, snort
  • What sounds do horses make?
    neigh, whinny, bray (donkey),
  • What sounds do sheep make?
    baa, bleat
  • What sounds do pigs make?
    grunt, snort, squeal,
  • What sounds do dogs make?
    bark, bay, howl, yap, growl, snap, snarl, whimper, whine, woof woof, yelp, yowl,
  • What sounds do cats make?
    meow, mew, caterwaul, hiss, purr
  • What sounds do lions make?
  • What sounds do mice make?
  • What sounds do birds make?
    sing, song, cry, call, birdcall, birdsong, caw (crow), chatter, cheep, chirp, coo (dove), gaggle, gobble (turkey), honk (goose), hoot (owl), peep, quack (duck), screech, squawk, trill, trumpet, tweet, twitter, warble, whir, whistle,
  • What sounds do chickens make?
    cackle, cluck, crow, cockle doodle doo
  • What sounds do snakes make?
    hiss, rattle
  • What noises do frogs make?
    croak, rivet
  • What sounds do crocodiles make?
  • What sounds do fish make?
  • What sounds do insects make?
    buzz, chirp, chirr, drone, whine, gnaw