1.6.2 Parts of an animal

Use this domain for the parts of animals, especially those of mammals.

OMC Codes: 
136a Parts
  • What general words refer to the parts of an animal?
    animal body parts
  • What are the parts of the head?
    head, ear, eye, nose, muzzle, maw, snout, trunk (of an elephant), proboscis, mouth, tooth, fang , tusk, tongue, neck, horn, antler, dewlap,
  • What are the parts of the torso?
    chest, back, belly, rump, croup, tail, switch, udder, flank, brisket, teat, hindquarters,
  • What are the parts of the legs?
    foreleg, forefoot, forepaw, forelimb, hind leg, hind limb, hoof, paw, claw, hock, fetlock, haunch, pastern, shank, stifle,
  • What are the parts of the skin and hair?
    fur, wool, fleece, forelock, mane, hide, skin, meat, pelt, whisker, sheepskin, goatskin, leather,
  • What are the internal parts of an animal?
    skull, second stomach (for cows, goats, sheep), spinal cord, lung, heart, small intestine, large intestine, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidney
  • What are the parts of sea mammals?
    whale flukes, flipper, blubber, baleen, blow hole,