1.6.7 Male and female animals

Use this domain for words referring to male and female animals. Most languages have special words for the male and female of a species only for domesticated animals. Sometimes there will be a word for the male and not the female, and vice versa (male dog, bitch). Sometimes the word for one is also used generically
(cow for both female and generic).

Louw Nida Codes: 
9B Males
9C Females
  • What words refer to a male or female animal?
    male, female, bitch, tom, tomcat, bull, bullock, cow, heifer, ram, ewe, billy goat, nanny goat, boar, sow, stallion, mare, filly, stag, buck, hart, doe, vixen, lioness, tigress, bull elephant, rooster, cock, hen, drake, peacock, peahen