6.3 Animal husbandry

Use this domain for words related to animal husbandry--working with animals.

OMC Codes: 
230 Animal Husbandry
Louw Nida Codes: 
44 Animal Husbandry, Fishing
1O Pastures and Cultivated Lands
  • What words refer to animal husbandry?
    animal husbandry, tame, spray (for insects), brand,
  • What words are used of animal shelters and enclosures?
    shelter, barn, shed, corral, pen, stall, manger
  • Where do people keep birds?
    birdcage, chicken coop
  • Where do people keep fish?
    fish tank, fishbowl, aquarium, fishpond
  • Where do people keep insects?
  • What words refer to breeding animals?
    breed, crossbred, crossbreed, hybrid, interbred, mongrel, stud