1.2.1 Land

Use this domain for words referring to the ground we stand on, the earth versus the sky.

OMC Codes: 
133 Topography and Geology
Louw Nida Codes: 
1 Geographical Objects and Features
1F The Earth's Surface
  • What words refer to the land in contrast to the sea?
    land (and sea), dry land, mainland, continent, inland, interior
  • What is the earth called in distinction to heaven or the sky?
    (heaven and) earth, earth (and sky), (on the) ground
  • What words refer to the ground we stand on?
  • What general words refer to the type of land in an area?
    geography, topography, feature, landscape, terrain
  • What words refer to how high the land is?
    altitude, sea level
  • What words refer to the surface of the earth?
    surface, crust, lithosphere