Use this domain for words referring to the area under the ground, and to holes in the ground.

Louw Nida Codes: 
1H Depressions and Holes
1C Regions Below the Surface of the Earth
  • What words refer to the area under the surface of the earth?
    underground, below ground, subterranean, abyss, bedrock, core, mantle, stratum, subsoil
  • What words refer to natural holes in the ground?
    hole, cave, cavern, grotto, opening, crack, depression, hollow, cavity, channel, chasm, cleft, cranny, crater, crevasse, crevice, depression, dip, mud hole, pit, sinkhole, mouth of a cave
  • What words refer to man-made holes in the ground?
    conduit, culvert, ditch, foxhole, mine, pit, pothole, rut, subway, shaft, trench, trough, tunnel, well,
  • What words refer to a hole made by an animal?
    burrow, den, foxhole, lair
  • What words refer to water under the ground?
    aquifer, underground river