Island, shore

Use this domain for words referring to land in contrast with the sea or river.

Louw Nida Codes: 
1I Land in Contrast With the Sea
  • What words refer to the land in contrast to the sea?
    land (and sea), dry land, mainland, continent, inland, interior, terrestrial
  • What words refer to an island?
    island, isle, islet, archipelago, atoll, key
  • What words are used of the edge of a lake or sea?
    shore, beach, coast, coastal, coastland, seaboard, seashore, shoreline, foreshore, edge, strand, reef, coral reef, water-front, strip,
  • What words refer to a bay?
    bay, gulf, cove, fjord, harbor, inlet, lagoon, sound, strait, port,
  • What words refer to a peninsula?
    peninsula, promontory, cape
  • What words are used of the edge of a river?
    bank, riverbank, levee, sandbar, embankment
  • What words describe something near water?
    seaside, beachfront, lakeside, bordering
  • What words refer to a place where the water is shallow?
    shallows, shoal,