Use this domain for words related to mountains.

Louw Nida Codes: 
1G Elevated Land Formations
  • What types of mountains are there?
    mountain, mount, hill, volcano, plateau, moor, butte, crag, dome, height, highland, upland, uplift, mound, formation
  • What words refer to a mountain with a flat top?
    plateau, mesa, tableland
  • What words describe land that has many mountains?
    mountain range, mountainous, the hills, hilly, rolling hills, highlands
  • What words refer to the top of a mountain?
    top, summit, peak, pinnacle
  • What words refer to the side of a mountain?
    face, mountainside, hillside, slope, shoulder, foothill, saddle
  • What words refer to a steep place on a mountain?
    cliff, bluff, butte, escarpment, ridge, precipice, brow, ledge
  • What words describe how steep a mountain is?
    slope, steep, gentle, contour, gradient
  • What words refer to the bottom of a mountain?
    foot, bottom
  • What words refer to snow on a mountain?
    snowcap, glacier
  • What words refer to rocks at the bottom of a mountain?
    moraine, talus
  • What words refer to when part of a mountain falls?
    landslide, avalanche
  • What do people do to mountains?
  • What words refer to a place you can travel through the mountains?
    pass, tunnel