8.1.4 More

Use this domain for words related to there being more of something.

  • What words refer to more of something in addition to what is already there?
    more, extra, another, added, additional, further, supplementary, spare,
  • What words indicate an amount that is more than an amount already mentioned?
    more than, over and above, as well as, plus, in addition to, on top of,
  • What words describe something that is more than another thing in number or amount?
    more, greater, higher, to a greater extent, to a greater degree,
  • What words indicate that the actual number is more than a particular number?
    more, over, above, beyond, greater than, in excess of, upwards of, plus, at least,
  • What words refer to something being more than a particular number or amount?
    be more than, be greater than, exceed, outnumber, be up on, pass, go past, surpass,
  • What words indicate that there are many more of something?
    many more, much more, far more, far beyond, way beyond, a lot more,