8.1.8 Full

Use this domain for words referring to a container being full of something.

Louw Nida Codes: 
59D Full, Empty
  • What words describe something that is full?
    full, full up, bulging, be full to the brim, be bursting at the seams, be full to capacity, be chock-a-block, be packed out, be up to the brim, brimful, brimming, bursting, charged, chock-full, chockablock, jam-packed, jammed, loaded, replete, saturated, soaked, stuffed, supercharged,
  • What words refer to something being full of something?
    be full of, be filled with, be crammed with, be stuffed with, be packed with, be packed full of, be crammed full of,
  • What words describe a place that is full of people?
    crowded, packed, crammed with, be packed out, booked up, fully booked, congested, dense, occupied, throng, thronged, thronging,
  • What words refer to something become full?
    fill, fill up,
  • What words refer to making something full?
    fill, fill up, cram, pack, stuff, crowd, load, load up, fill to the brim, flood, inject, jam, pump something full, suffuse,
  • What words describe something that has been made full?
  • What words refer to filling something again after it has been emptied?
    refill, replenish, top up, top off,
  • What words refer to a place being full of animals or insects?
    swarm, teem, be teeming with, be swarming with, be crawling with,
  • What words refer to being fuller than another thing?
    fuller, fullest,
  • What words refer to the state of being full?
  • What words indicate how full something is?
    how full, be (half) full,
  • What words describe something that is almost full?
    almost full, not quite full
  • What words refer to something being partly full?
    half full,
  • What words describe something that is full and overflowing?
    overflow, overflowing, run over, running over, brimming over, full and running over, overcrowded, overfilled,