8.1.2 Count

Use this domain for words related to counting--to say the numbers in order, or to use numbers to find an amount.

  • What words refer to saying the numbers in order?
    count, countdown, say your numbers
  • What words refer to counting the number of something?
    count, count up, at the last count, keep count, keep track, keep a tally of, enumerate, enumeration,
  • What words refer to determining the amount of something without being exact?
    estimate, assess, reckon,
  • What words refer to determining the quantity of something a second time?
    recount, renumber
  • What words refer to making a mistake when you count?
    miscalculate, miscount, lose count,
  • What words refer to the number or amount of something that is counted?
    calculation, sum, estimate, estimation, count (n),
  • What words refer to assigning a number to each thing in a series?
    number, assign a number, count off
  • What words describe an amount that cannot be counted?
    innumerable, unnumbered, uncountable, uncounted, countless,