8.1.1 Number

Use this domain for words related to numbers. Every language has a word for 'one', and a word for 'two'. These two numbers often have special words. So we have included a separate domain for 'one' and 'two'. In addition the numbers form a series (one, two, three...). Most languages have more than one series of numbers (first, second, third...). So we have also included a domain for each series of numbers that most languages have. Your language may have other series of numbers. Put them in the domain 'Number series'.

OMC Codes: 
801 Numerology
802 Numeration
Louw Nida Codes: 
60 Number
60A Number, Countless
  • What words refer to a written number?
    number, figure, digit, numeral,
  • What words refer to a number of people or things?
    toll, statistics,
  • What words describe different kinds of numbers?
    even, odd, positive, negative, infinite, cardinal, ordinal, whole, fraction, decimal,
  • What words refer to writing numbers on a series of things?
    number (v), numbered,
  • What words indicate that there are a particular number of something?
    number (v),