Add numbers

Use this domain for words related to adding two numbers together.

Louw Nida Codes: 
59H Add, Subtract x
  • What words refer to adding two numbers together?
    add, addition,
  • What words refer to adding a series of numbers?
    add up, tally (v), total (v),
  • What words are used for addition equations?
    plus, and, added to,
  • What words indicate the answer in an equation?
  • What words refer to the total?
    total (n), total (adj), sum, tally (n), grand total, subtotal, gross, aggregate, amount,
  • What words indicate that a particular number is the total?
    altogether, in total, in all, all told,
  • What words indicate that the number of a group of things reaches a particular total?
    come to, amount to, total (v), reach, add up to, make, bring the number to, bring the total to, number (v),