Move quickly

Use this domain for words referring to moving quickly or slowly.

Louw Nida Codes: 
15A' Movement with Speed x
15B' Goal-Oriented Movement
  • What words refer to moving quickly?
    move quickly, hurry, haste, hasten, rush, forge ahead, charge, barrel along, move like a bat out of hell, make a beeline for, boil, bolt, bustle, move along at a good clip, dart, double-time, fast, fire, flash, flat-out, fling, flit, fly, gallop, move like greased lightning, be really hopping, kick, lickety-split, plunge in, quick, race, rapid, rapidly, rapidity, run, rush, sail, scour, scud, shoot, move like sixty, skim, snappily, speed, stampede, streak, sweep, swift, swiftly, swing, tear, apace, tilt, vroom, whiz, wildfire, zip, zoom, at full speed, at top speed, express, make tracks, burn up the track
  • What words refer to moving more quickly?
    hurry up, speed up, pick up speed, increase your speed, accelerate, acceleration, (its) speed rose, step on it, step it up, snap it up, pick up the pace, give it some gas, look lively, quicken
  • What words refer to continuing to move without trying to speed up or slow down?
    coast, glide, float
  • What words refer to how fast something is moving?
    speed, pace, rate
  • What words refer to moving quickly for a short time?
    jerk, twitch, start, spasm, jump, snap, nip in, shoot, spurt, dash
  • What idiophones are used of moving quickly?
    zip, zoom, whiz, vroom, chop chop