7.2.3 Move toward something

Use this domain for words referring to moving toward, in the direction of, or near something or some place. The words in this domain should refer to moving in the direction of a place, but should not require that the person actually arrived. Some languages (such as German and Polish) distinguish 'go on foot' from 'go in a vehicle'.

Louw Nida Codes: 
15E Come Near, Approach
  • What words refer to moving toward a place?
    move toward, go toward, head toward, go in the (general) direction of
  • What words refer to moving near something?
    approach, move near, come near, move in on
  • What words refer to two things moving toward each other?
    converge, be on a collision course
  • What words refer to the place toward which a person is moving?
    destination, goal