7.2 Move

Use this domain for intransitive verbs of movement referring to moving your whole body to a different location. There are many components of meaning involved in verbs of movement. They can include a source location (from), a goal location (to), a path (along), manner (walk, run), speed (race, crawl), direction
(forward, back, side, up, down, toward, away from), shape of the path (straight, curve, circle, angle), relationship to some object or objects (on, hang, against, between, across, through, into, out of, onto, off of, around), proximity (near, far), multiple movements (back and forth, return, bounce), inclusion with other objects or parts of objects (join, leave, collect, disperse, unite, separate), volition (go versus drift), intransitive versus transitive (move versus move something). Some verbs of movement do not involve moving from one place to another, but express bodily movement.

OMC Codes: 
481 Locomotion
Louw Nida Codes: 
15 Linear Movement
15A Move, Come/Go
16 Non-Linear Movement
  • What general words refer to moving your body to a different location?
    move, movement, change position, maneuver, jockey for position, budge
  • What words refer to beginning to move?
    stir, make a move
  • What words describe something that is moving?
    moving, be in motion