7.5 Arrange

Use this domain for words referring to arranging things--to physically move a group of things or people and put them in a pattern.

Louw Nida Codes: 
62 Arrange, Organize
62A Put Together, Arrange
  • What words refer to arranging things?
    arrange, align, array, dispose, lay out, line up, order, put in order, range, set out, concatenate,
  • What words refer to the pattern in which things are arranged?
    arrangement, alignment, array, formation, order, ordering, pattern, row, disposition, distribution, gradation, grouping, layout, concatenation,
  • What words refer to arranging things a second time, or arranging things after they have been mixed up?
    rearrange, rearrangement, reorder, reordering, reform, reformation
  • What words describe things that have been arranged?
    arranged, ordered, well-ordered, be in order, regular,
  • What words refer to when everything is arranged?