6.7 Tool

Use this domain for general words for tools and machines. The domains in this section should be used for general tools and machines that are used in a variety of tasks. Specialized tools and machines should be classified under the specific work or activity for which they are used.

OMC Codes: 
410 Tools and Appliances
412 General Tools
413 Special Tools
414 Miscellaneous Hardware
417 Apparatus
Louw Nida Codes: 
6 Artifacts
6A Artifacts
6W Miscellaneous
  • What general words refer to tools?
    tool, implement, utensil, device, instrument, gadget, hardware, paraphernalia,
  • What words refer to a set of tools?
    kit, tool kit
  • What words refer to a container for tools?
    toolbox, tool cabinet
  • What tools are used for climbing?
    ladder, stepladder, rope ladder, rung, step,
  • What words refer to all the tools and other things you need to do a job?
    equipment, apparatus, gear, kit, things, stuff, tools,