6.7.9 Machine

Use this domain for words referring to machines.

OMC Codes: 
400 Machines
401 Mechanics
402 Industrial Machinery
403 Electrical Machines and Appliances
404 Household Machines and Appliances
405 Weighing, Measuring, and Recording Machines
406 Weight-moving Machinery
407 Agricultural Machinery
408 Computer Technology
416 Appliances
  • What words refer to machines?
    machine, mechanics, machinery, apparatus, engine, motor
  • What words refer to types of machines?
    pump, generator, grinder, mill, computer,
  • What words refer to machines used in homes?
    appliance, refrigerator, stove, oven
  • What words refer to when a machine is working?
    be on, run, operate, work
  • What words refer to when a machine is not working?
    be off, break down, broken
  • What words refer to starting a machine?
    start, turn on, switch on, ignition
  • What words refer to stopping a machine?
    stop, turn off, shut down