6.7.5 Fastening tool

Use this domain for words related to fastening tools.

Louw Nida Codes: 
6D Instruments Used in Binding and Fastening
  • What words refer to something used to join things together?
    adhesive, band, belt, binder, binding, bolt, bond, brace, bracket, brad, buckle, button, cable, cement, chain, cinch, clamp, clasp, clip, clothespin, cord, cotter, coupler, dowel, fastener, fastening, fetter, glue, gum, guy, handcuff, hasp, hemp, hinge, hitch, hook, knot, lace, lacing, lariat, lashing, lasso, latch, line, linkage, lock, loop, manacle, mooring, nail, nut, padlock, paste, peg, pin, safety pin, straight pin, plaster, putty, rivet, rope, screw, shackle, shoelace, shoestring, snap, solder, staple, stay, stitch, stocks, strap, string, tack, tape, thong, thread, thumbtack, truss, twine, wedge, wire, wrap, wrapping, yarn, zipper
  • What words refer to a tool used to join things together?