Conveying water

Use this domain for words related to conveying water--moving water from one place to another place.

  • What words refer to the things used to transport water?
    waterworks, canal, ditch, dam, cistern, pipe, pump, siphon
  • What words are used for transporting clean water?
    aqueduct, canal, culvert
  • What words are used for transporting dirty water?
    ditch, drainage ditch, sewer
  • What words refer to drawing water from a well?
    draw water, draft
  • What words refer to canals used to convey water?
    canal, aqueduct, ditch
  • What means are used to raise water?
    windmill, pump, pump house, pumping station, lock
  • What containers are used to hold water?
    cistern, bucket, pitcher
  • What words refer to making water flow through a pipe?
    pump, siphon, suck, suction