1.3.2 Movement of water

Use this domain for words referring to the way in which water and other liquids move.

Louw Nida Codes: 
47 Activities Involving Liquids or Masses
47A Movement of Liquids or Masses
14E Events Involving Liquids and Dry Masses
  • What words refer to water moving into something?
    fill, flow in, inflow, infuse, infusion, run into
  • What words refer to water coming out of something?
    spray, bleed, blow, burst, discharge, drain, gush, issue, jet, pour, pouring, run, spew, spout, dribble, drip, effusion, erupt, exude, ooze, outflow, percolate, seep, spout, squirt, sweat, vomit, tap
  • What words refer to water breaking into drops?
    splash, spray
  • What words refer to water forming bubbles?
    bubble, foam, foaming, froth, whip